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Welcome to the Univscholarships.com, one of the most comprehensive resources online on University scholarships. What differentiates this website from other scholarships websites is that it is simple and free. You don't need to register to reach our lists of scholarships. You don't need to give us your e-mail and go through a one-hour registration process just to find, in the end, one or two scholarships that are of no use to you. We simply provide you with an alphabetical list of scholarships available for university/college education. Whether you are in high school looking for university scholarships for high school students, or are already in college/university and searching for scholarships available to university students, this site is for you. Simply go through the A-to-Z list of scholarships on the right hand side below, titled "List of Scholarships." We have not only included there a comprehensive list of scholarships, but we also provide short descriptions for each scholarship together with application information and deadlines, etc. We will update these lists regularly adding newly launched scholarships and deleting those that are no more available. If you are a scholarships provider and would like us to list your scholarship on this website, you can contact us at info@univscholarships.com


Browse for University scholarships NOW! Unlike most other scholarship websites, Univscholarships.com requires no membership. It is all free and available without registration!


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Browse through the A-to-Z lists above to see a variety of scholarships for university. Each scholarship listed on our pages comes with a brief description. So you can first decide, based on this description, whether a particular scholarship is applicable to you, and then visit their repsective websites to apply. 

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